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středa 5. dubna 2023

Informace z "Archives Portal Europe Team"

Tento e-mail jsem dostal jako přihlášený návštěvník, aby se neztratil význam nepřekládám ho, ale každý si ho může nechat přeložit Googlem nebo jiným překladačem. Samozřejmě znalci to nepotřebují.

Myslím si, že se to může hodit i někomu dalším a využije odkazy.


 Archives Portal Europe Team 

út 4. 4. 22:15 (před 15 hodinami)

Hello and welcome to our new Archives Portal Europe Newsletter, the monthly bulletin about APE and other interesting stuff from the world of archives and historical research! 


Our first cohort of ambassadors has started to help out! We will present them properly next month, but we wanted to shut out a massive, collective THANK YOU for all the amazing work they have already done! We are accepting applications for the second group until the 25th of April at the moment, you can express your interest, as always, here!/

AND THE WINNER IS.... the National Archives of Latvia! Apsveicu for being awarded the 2023 combined digitisation grants - we had a record number of applications this year, and we would like to thank everyone who has applied! While we have limited financial funds, we hope to help many more projects in different ways! The next scheme will open at the end of 2023, keep an eye on our Digitisation Grants page for more information:

NEW CONTENT PROVIDER - The Archivio Ingegnere Architetto Dino Tamburini has joined APE! Its archivist (and mighty APE ambassador) Daria Mikhaylova presents its collections:

300 MILLION FINDING AIDS! Since we are in conversation about new ingestions, we are very happy to report that we passed the phycological, digital, and physical benchmark of 300 million finding aids in the APE repository - As this newsletter gets sent, we are precisely at 303,696,817 million descriptions in the Portal

APE RESEARCH GRANTS - We are in the process of determining the awardees for the Creative Grant and round one of the Research Grant. The deadline for round two of the Research Grant is the 30th June !


As our #BeforetheEuro and #Constitutionsof1848  continue, please check out our short highlight:

#vanGoghPicassoWeek - It’s the 170th anniversary of the birth of Vincent van Gogh (30 March 1853) and 50th anniversary of the death of Pablo Picasso (8 April 1973) this Spring, so we are digging in our archives to find interesting material about these two artists, possibly the most representative, and arguably the most iconic, of their respective centuries


UNIVERSITY OF LEICESTER ARCHIVES - our Content Provider University of Leicester Special Collections has acquired and published online a new collection, Views of England and Wales, from the Centre for Regional and Local History at the University of Leicester. It comprises of over 2000 digitised topographic prints, paintings, drawings and photographs

BOOK PRESENTATION AT THE GENERAL STATE ARCHIVES OF MAGNESIA -Our Content Providers the General State Archives of Magnesia (Volos) co-organized the presentation of the book “Magnesia and Politics in fire, 1934-1967. Anatomy of the ballot box and Transformations”, edited by Thessaly University Press. Read all about the presentation here:


EUROPEANA TRANSLATE (13 April) - The Europeana Translate project is coming to an end and the results will be presented during this online event

CAMBRIDGE DATA SCHOOL: SHORT COURSE (17/18 April) - Our friends at Cambridge Digital Humanities have organised a short course dedicated to new methods and theories in Digital Humanities for the GLAM sector. The school will be organised in person, all information here

MANUEL DE FALLA IN THE SPANISH ARCHIVES (18 April) - Our national-level Spanish aggregator PARES has organised a conference to present the personal archives of Spanish composer Manuel de Falla in the Spanish national archives. The conference will take place at the Royal Spanish Academy in Rome on the 18th April 2023, at 7pm, and it will be held in English. The full programme is available here

Accelerating 3D in the common European data space for cultural heritage: Why 3D matters (18 April) - The Europeana conference under the Swedish Presidency of the Council of the EU will take place on 18 April 2023 (9h00 - 15h00 CET). The conference will be hosted by the Museum of Ethnography in Stockholm (invite only) and online (open to the public).


Archives and the Environment: an experimental workshop (deadline 12 April)  - our Content Provider the UK National Archives is organising a highly experimental workshop on the subject title, which will be held on the 9th of May. Expression of interests are accepted until the 12th April, all info here

Historical Perspectives on Deglobalization’s Antecedents (deadline 1 July) - the "Journal of Management Studies" is preparing a special issue on historical examples of decolonisation processes

For inspiration, you could have a look at our Topics ECONOMICS (  and TRANSPORTS (


A list of available archival jobs and research grants is available on our usual page:

Special mention for the Energy History post-doc at the Royal Institute in Stockholm, KTH - deadline 13 April!


EUROPEAN HERITAGE HUB -  the Europeana Foundation and a group of partners led by Europa Nostra have been selected for EU funding for the implementation of a pilot project establishing a European Heritage Hub


This is it for this month, thank you for reading! If you want to contribute to our newsletter, please send us an email to with the subject "Newsletter contribution"

If you want to unsubscribe, please just click here to send us a blank "unsubscribe" email.

See you next month


Archives Portal Europe Team

sobota 25. února 2023

Pamětní kniha Uh. Hradiště z let 1931-1934

 Trocha zajímavosti o pamětní knize Uherského Hradiště.

Je tam zajímavé počtení, například kolik bylo různých stipendií, aby mohli běžní studenti studovat.

Snad se vám to podaří otevřít, ty digitalizované věci na stránce MZA jsou dostupné jen na některých odkazech a text je rozsypaný.

DZ Viewer (